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What is Minecraftia?

We're a community of tree punchers that play together on a heavily customised Minecraft server.

We have been running since early 2011 when a few of us who played Minecraft together decided we could do the multiplayer better than most servers were offering at the time. From then we have fine tuned every mechanic in the Minecraft game to create a more fun expierence for those who play on our servers.

We take feedback from our community very seriously. This project is community driven where the players dictate what they would like in a multiplayer gaming expierence. It is run by highly competent administrators, creative developers and very approachable and friendly staff that just wants the Minecraft community to enjoy themselves.

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New Daily Rewards

We know you'll love!

We've made some changes to our daily rewards we know you'll love!

You already know that for every day you login you get 10XP levels added to your account.

Well now if you play on Minecraftia for 7 days in a row, that number will jump up to 20XP levels. This will keep happening every week

So if you play for:

Days Played in a Row XP Level Reward
7 10XP
14 20XP
21 30XP
28 40XP

Not enough? We've also added more rewards for your total days online so you don't have to play for these days in a row.

Days Played in Total XP Level Reward
25 50XP
50 50XP
100 50XP
150 50XP
200 50XP
250 50XP
300 50XP
350 50XP
360 100XP

And this keeps going up!

Minecraft/Mojang Status

We'll check it, so you don't have to!

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